Rancho Mirage Chiropractic


"Dear Angela- Once again, your kindness is special, as you are! Thank you for making me feel so welcome and leave feeling better because of Dr. Chris's talents and touch. Many Thank yous."

- Jewel Shapiro.

There's just about nothing worse than back pain, and it can sure mess up a vacation.  Unfortunately, my wife strained her back while running during our vacation in Rancho Mirage.  Dr. D'Agostino and his staff were amazingly helpful, kind, and accommodating, managing to fit her in for an emergency appointment the same day she first called, then calling back early the next day to see if she needed further treatment (they knew we were planning to leave town later that day, and correctly guessed she would still be uncomfortable).

She found Dr. D'Agostino's treatments helpful, and we both were impressed with both the office's professionalism, but also their evident caring attitude.  So nice to be treated with simple kindness when someone you love is uncomfortable.

-Andrew K

It was a lucky day and I felt very blessed when I visited Dr. Chris DAgostino's office for my first chiropractic appointment at his Back and Neck Pain Center. I thought to myself, this man is too good to be true. After years of visiting other chiropractic offices and suffering with low back pain, along with leg and hip problems, I walked out of his office feeling great, receiving the best care I have had in many years. I feel that Dr. Chris DAgostino is very dedicated and caring, along with his office manager "Angela", who made my visit a very pleasant and pleasurable one.

-Adrienne S.

Just a few words of gratitude for the wonderful treatment I received at your office one week ago.  I purposely waited to convey my appreciation of this advance mode of pain therapy that you provide at the office.  I am referring to the Laser therapy that Angela performed on my neck, shoulders, and elbow area.

You see, I have been having CONSTANT PAIN in these areas for approximately 2 years.  These are the result of the adaptation that my body has undergone after the extensive surgeries that followed that horrible accident of 2006. 

I must admit that the cervical adjustment that you gave me, had a lot to do with it, since I know that the nerves dictate to the muscles what to do and feel.  However, it is of equal importance to address the area of reflected symptoms (pain), in order to get the best results from the treatment.  I know this very well as a Doctor of Chiropractic, as well as, a pain suffering patient.

I can not thank you enough for your foresight in the utilization of cutting edge pain management technology in conjunction with the experience that you possess as a Doctor of Chiropractic, in the fine and skillful art of the cervical adjustments that you provide.

Doctor D’Agostino, I can honestly say that your comprehensive treatment helped me stay pain free for an entire week and counting.  I have not had such relief of pain for the best part of 2 years.  I will recommend this treatment to everyone.

Keep up the fantastic work that you do, for those of us who suffer from pain can use this effective type of help.

-Dr. Boris E. Del Cid, D.C.

Thank you so much for 22 years of keeping me "straightened out".  I especially want to thank you for helping me through a situation several years ago when a nerve became inflamed from a slight injury in my mid back.  You were able to get me through many weeks of excruciating pain with adjustments and ultrasound therapy when all the other doctors only wanted to give me painkillers.

-Maria F.

Two months ago, I had my third consultation for neck surgery.  At that point, I was ready to proceed.  My pain had gotten to the point of ruling my life and everything in it.  My accident happened two and one half years ago, time and treatments did little to ease my pain.  I had completely lost hope.  Constant pain or surgery seemed the only options left.  That is when I found Dr. D'Agostino by complete accident.

I came in with severe numbness of my right arm, pain that was waking me up in the night, and every physical action I would take I would weigh the consequences.  With my first laser & spinal decompression therapy I felt blood flow to my two previously completely numb fingers.  With each therapy session that followed I found my pain becoming less and less.  I am now in my tenth week of therapy, and am in awe that I am 90% relieved of my pain.

I believe for therapy to work, one must believe it will.  When I came to Dr. D'Agostino I can honestly say that I did not believe.  I am so thankful to him for restoring my belief in the healing power of medicine!  I will never take the simple things, like playing volleyball with my children for granted again.

-Melissa F.

The treatment I received for my fibromyalgia and herniated discs was long lasting.  It works!  The laser Dr. DAgostino used works.  Angela, his wife and staff are kind and caring.

I strongly recommend Dr. D' for all types of pain and back problems.  Thank you.

-Rita S.

I began having chronic headaches in late 2008. I tried a neurologist, acupuncturist and another chiropractor in an effort to find out what has been causing the pain. Each of them told me there was nothing he could do for me beyond medication. Then I saw Dr. D'Agostino's ad, which specifically mentioned some high tech treatments he had for headaches, so I decided to give chiropractic treatments another try. I'm sure glad I did. Even though the source of my headaches may be mostly chemical (a side-effect of some medications I'm on), my headaches have improved greatly. Dr. D'Agostino doesn't do much of the traditional chiropractic procedures (the uncomfortable jerking and popping of the spine), relying mostly instead on painless high tech devices like a cold laser and cervical traction (very gentle traction, which alleviates the pain from the arthritis in my neck a great deal). After each treatment, I always feel very relaxed and have a sense of well-being, and the pain is greatly reduced.

In an era where many doctors are by necessity forced to treat their patients in the least time possible, it is a pleasant surprise to have a doctor listen to what I have to say and spend whatever time is necessary to effect the best treatment and outcome. I've had very few doctors or healthcare professionals in my life who show such interest and concern, and I've never before had any of them send me a get-well card (thanks Angela!).

-Anthony P.

 Dr. DAgostino, Thank you for accepting me as a new patient.  The day after my first visit I feel almost 100% back to normal!


I have been going to chiropractors my entire life all over the country for many conditions, but I can honestly say that Dr. D'Agostino is by far the best one that I have ever had.  He is very knowledgeable and highly skilled, but most of all he is thoughtful and caring.  He is one of the most honest and straightforward Doctors I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

-Terrie S.

I was on a road trip, far from home when my back went out.  I feel very grateful to have found Dr. Dagostino and Angela!  I was not able to sit for seven weeks due to multiple herniated disks.  I had tried the DRX9000 and other decompression machines.  Many chiropractors in the desert wanted to sell me a "package" and I am glad I refused.  Dr. Dagostino treated me and my back on my needs-and did not try to sell me a package deal.  Dr. Dagostino has a KDT machine that came out after the DRX9000 machine, and this works better  because of the lessons learned from these earlier machines.  And it is more affordable treatment!  I also liked the fact that they offered Cold Laser Therapy.

I feel in addition to the gentle adjustments and decompression, this helped me heal faster than I would have otherwise.  Their caring hands-on treatment helped me avoid surgery and get back home.  I wish I could take them back to Alaska with me!

-Victoria S.

Anchorage Alaska 

Dr. DAgostino has really done well for me.  When I came in the first time, I didn't stand straight, one leg was shorter than the other and I had a lot of pain.  Now, I feel normal again and am only getting pain when I drive long distances.

-William H.

Desert Hot Springs

Hello Angela,


Thank You so much for your assistance.


I really appreciate it, and can’t wait to see you and Doctor D’Agostino again on my next visit to sunny California !!!


(I wish I could find such a GREAT chiropractor in Buffalo—nobody’s better that Dr. D’Agostino !!)


Yours Truly,


Mike Carlin