Rancho Mirage Chiropractic

Our Purpose

We specialize in cases that conventional medicine has been unable to handle. Our natural approaches to health and wellness will allow you to achieve your highest level of health possible.

Our Commitment to the Patient is the intention and purpose of our office in Rancho Mirage and is to support as many people as possible in their quest for better health, and to educate them about natural alternatives, so they may in turn, educate others.

Through education, we give each patient an understanding of his or her specific condition and personal health picture. This will empower the patient to take control of their health, rather than be controlled by an existing unwanted health condition.

We look to inspire, motivate, coach and lead our patients so they may achieve their best health possible. If you are serious about your health and want the most advanced techniques that are alternatives to taking medications and risking surgery, you owe it to yourself to try Rancho Mirage Chiropractic Center.

​Why should you want to receive treatment at our office? Most patients, when they come to our office, have one of two objectives in mind. Some come for symptomatic relief of pain or discomfort (Relief Care). Others are interested in having the cause of their problem, as well as the symptoms, corrected (Corrective Care).  We will customize a treatment program specifically designed for you, based on your needs.  We utalize traditional chiropractic adjustments, low force, high velocity instrumental adjustments, advanced high tech super pulsed laser therapy, and non-sugical lumbar or cervical disc decompression therapy.  Massage therapy is also available.  We will discuss these as well as other techniques.

If your condition is not one we truly feel we can help you with, we will refer you to another health care provider.  We are here to help you get better!